About UPMA


United Postmasters and Managers of America

United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) exists to assist, mentor and guide all Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors as well as anyone aspiring to these positions toward achieving their professional goals. We are an avenue through which all United States Postal Service employees can help one another and themselves in matters concerning their careers. We provide the essential training and networking necessary for every member to be successful.

As an organization, we always strive to improve the conditions under which our members work and the compensation they receive. Our organization’s leadership consults regularly with Postal Service management on policies affecting the welfare, happiness and morale of our members.

Our leaders at the state and national levels are current USPS employees. We believe this is fundamental for staying in touch with the priorities and concerns of our members. After all, who is better equipped to represent you than your fellow Managers, living and working in the same conditions you do every day?


Benefits of joining UPMA as a Postmaster, Manager or Supervisor

• UPMA is the only management organization that can represent you at Postal Headquarters on specific Postmaster issues, including the planning and development of pay policies and schedules and fringe benefit programs.            

• All national UPMA leaders and state presidents are current USPS employees.            

• National officers serve one term only in their current positions.            

• As an active member, you have the privilege to vote and hold leadership positions at all levels of the organization.            

• A national website—unitedpma.org—that offers the latest information regarding the organization, legislative issues, interactive training and videos and Postal Service information that affects your career.            

• A national magazine and state publications that contain information important to you in your current position and will help you in your future endeavors.            

• Annual national and chapter conventions that offer training to help you be successful.            

• After you have been a dues-paying member for six months, you have the benefit of our Legal Defense Plan and network of Adverse Action Member reps, should the need arise.           

• You gain a network of Postmasters and Managers who can assist you in your day-to-day duties and mentor you for future opportunities.



Job protection through legislative action.

Consultative sessions with Postal Headquarters about issues that concern you and your job.

UPMA listens to the needs and concerns of members and takes those concerns to Postal Headquarters.

UPMA gives you the opportunity to take important issues to your representatives on Capitol Hill, where your voice will be heard.

Gives you a sense of pride in knowing you belong to an organization that truly cares and does something about the needs of its members.